Kelly Fox Dog Training Happy Tails
"Kelly's professionalism and care immediately instilled a high level of trust. She was so patient and gentle with our pup Louie, and promptly sent session recaps and videos so we could continue his training. She went beyond the basics and customized his training to suit our lifestyle (long work hours away from home) and environment (city life), such as socializing him to street noise, crowds, dogs, etc., introducing toys and games to stimulate his mind on bad weather days, and teaching him fun party tricks. Louie has grown up to be the friendliest, easy-going, and well-mannered pup we dreamed of. We highly recommend her and and are not alone--she has practically become the resident trainer in our building!"
Serena and Louie
Serena and Louie New York, New York
"We adopted our beautiful puppy Lucy when she was 8 weeks old! We called Kelly right away and she has been with us ever since! Lucy is now a year and a half, and every day we get comments from people we do not know, how beautiful and well trained she is! Kelly is so patient and loving with Lucy, and really understands what Lucy has needed at different points in her development. Everything from basic commands, to agility play for Lucy’s high energy, and other tricks to help make Lucy such a loving and wonderful part of our family. Kelly really helped shaped our Lucy into the most wonderful and well-trained dog, who is also so great with our new baby. We would beyond highly recommend Kelly to everyone!"
Amy and Lucy
Amy and Lucy New York, New York
"Kelly is super patient and organized. She explains the exercises, sends us videos and pictures and works with you to make sure you are doing it right while keeping it fun! After several sessions with Kelly we saw a drastic difference in Anna's behavior."
Anna & Malini
Anna & Malini New York, New York
"Kelly Fox is like one of those great teachers who makes school fun for your children! Our French Bulldog, Paul, is full of joie de vivre and thanks to Kelly he is also obedient. He is so excited when she arrives and he takes a nice, long nap when she leaves. She is also a pleasure to work with. Kelly is a very important person in our family!"
Susan, Bart, and Paul
Susan, Bart, and Paul New York, New York